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Our Story & Services

Bonnyrigg Dental Surgery was opened in 2002 by Dr. Abdul Gaffar and we have since  expanded from one dental surgery to four surgeries, with our team of 4 Dentists and an Oral Health Therapist.

Our motto is prevention is always better than a cure, as we strive to exceed patient expectations every time. We understand that not everyone enjoys dental visits and we do everything we can to make your visit as comfortable as possible. 


Our services include;

- Oral Hygiene and Scale Polish and Fluoride Treatments

- Home Whitening Kits

- Orthodontics

- Fillings

- Root Canal Therapy

- Veneers

- Crowns and Bridges

- Extractions

- Surgical Wisdom Extractions

- Dentures

- Implants

- Mouth Guards and Splints

- Emergencies

- Cosmetic Dentistry

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Our affordable prices and friendly service will have you wondering why you waited so long!
Call today on (02) 8786 0109 to book your appointment.

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