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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to be seen?

Our surgery runs on appointment times. To ensure everyone is seen on time or as close to their appointment time as possible, we suggest you book an appointment. If you are in pain, please call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I have private health insurance, will I need to pay a gap?

Most health funds pay a percentage of the cost depending on what cover you are on. If you are concerned you can call your health fund and find out what cover you have.

Is your practice associated with any health fund?

Yes we are Bupa Providers. That means if you have private health insurance with Bupa, your gap will be smaller or non existent depending on your level of cover.

I have heard about a Medicare voucher, is my child eligible?

You may have received a letter from Medicare stating your child is eligible. If you are unsure our friendly reception staff can check for you using your Medicare card details.

My child has received a voucher from Medicare, can we use that?

If your child has received a Medicare voucher, we will be able to use that provided they are eligible. We will confirm their eligibility with Medicare at your appointment. This voucher can be used for general dental for the eligible child. It can be used for 2 consecutive years and up to the value of $1000.

When should I bring my children for their first dental visit?

We recommend bringing your children in from 2 and a half to 3 years old. At this appointment, they are seated on the dental chair and we get them used to the surroundings. Depending on their reaction, we may suggest a clean. We also recommend bring them in every 6 months thereafter.

I haven’t been to a dentist in many years, where should I start?

We would suggest that you book in for a full check up and scale and clean. At this appointment, we would most likely want to take radiographs. If you have any treatment that needs to be completed, we will book you in for an appointment in the near future.

I have received a voucher from the hospital, will that be used to cover my costs?

Yes, we accept the hospital vouchers. Please be aware there is an expiry date on the form. The treatment advised by the hospital is the only treatment we can provide and must be completed before the expiry date.

I have a tooth ache, what do I do?

We have several dentists on most days and will always try to accommodate you. Please call us as soon as possible so we can schedule an appropriate time.

I would like to whiten my teeth, what are my options?

We recommend having a scale and polish first to remove all external staining. There are two ways of whitening your teeth at our surgery. Home whitening and In-Chair whitening. Click here for for information

I would like to straighten my teeth, what are my options?

The options for straightening your teeth is usually dependent on the individual case. Book a consultation appointment and one of dentists can discuss your options with you.

I have an appointment, but need to cancel it, how much notice should I give and is there a cancellation fee?

We would appreciate as much notice as you can give us. Although we understand that there are some unforeseen circumstances. We intend to call every patient the day before their appointment to remind and confirm their appointment. If you have failed to shown attend several confirmed appointments, you may incur a cancellation fee.

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